Welcome to my Website

Teaching French as a foreign language to people from all backgrounds.

Learning a language is a spiritual pleasure.
My site offers a self-taught method of learning languages (not only French).

My website is for everyone who starts to learn a new spoken language. I give online different learning techniques, those that i use as a french teacher in courses that I give to my learners in class. These tips and processes might be directly used at school or by a person who learns on his own.
The term “Learner” means any person in process of learning a language.

I focus on teaching/learning of French but the tips that I give are applicable to the majority of languages.
You can find:

  • General procedures on the conduct of a class
  • Procedures of teaching/learning
  • A method to perform your French while reading a tale : audio book expanded with grammar points
  • Author books, and e-books. (List of titles and parts)
  • Links to free websites to learn a new language
  • Cultural or artistic content as educational support

Then, for those who wish to perform their French by taking one-to-one courses ; you can contact me directly on the page: “Contact”.

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